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Nigerian online magazine, First Weekly Magazine on Wednesday, May 20, published a review of the new book ‘The Greatest Reality Show’ by Melvin Ejiogu.

The review looks at every chapter of the inspirational book, giving potential readers a tip of what to expect

The timeliness of the message in the book and its relevance to the troubles facing the world is well captured in the review as reproduced here:

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This is a great effort from someone who wishes to educate man about the reality of the Almighty God, how He created the world and everything man needs to know about the existence of God, creation of man, about Earth, Heaven and the Kingdom of God.

It is simply about the fact that the world is a stage and that it is The Greatest Reality Show.

The author made use of his writing prowess by bringing God into the scene as the direct speaker and writer in the first eleven chapters of the book.

This is the kind of book that should be read by everybody at this time that happenings all over the world are pointing to the end time.

There are wars, terrorism, diseases, especially the dreaded Conoravirus aka COVID-19, that has killed several thousands of people and infected millions of others. With the disease, it appears everything is at a standstill in the whole world.

The book is written in a simple and clear language that makes it compelling for everyone that craves for understanding of the things of the Kingdom of God to read…


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