More Beautiful Reviews For Melvin Ejiogu’s ‘The Greatest Reality Show’

melvin ejiogu

The greatest reality showPerhaps everyone needs to regularly ask these fundamentals questions ‘why am I here, what I am doing here, and where am I going from here?”

More book lovers are getting the point the Melvin Ejiogu set out to make with his book, ‘The Greatest Reality Show’.

According to Yemi Adebisi’s review of the book in Saturday Independent, this is about understanding God’s purpose for you in the theatre of life.

This book is not about a television show in which ordinary members of the public or celebrities are filmed living their everyday lives or undertaking specific challenges designed to be entertaining rather than informative.

No, it is a book in which the author, Melvin Ikenna Ejiogu, presents life as a reality show with men and women being the actors, and the whole earth pro­viding the stage and God as the Director.

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What then prompted the author to write the book and what influenced his choice of the title? The author explains, “People who write a book have something to share. My experience in life prompted me to write this book. I believe I have something to share that others might learn one or two things from it.”


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