Introduction: The Greatest Reality Show

Welcome to the book The Greatest Reality Show! This reality show has the longest running series and episodes you can ever imagine. It has been going on for a very long time—actually, since the beginning of time. The story lines are simply out of this world, and the setting is the best you have ever seen. The cast are all real people, and since it’s a reality show, there are no fake actors or actresses. With the cameras hidden and not in the faces of the actors and actresses, they play real and unrehearsed parts. This contributes in making the show extremely exciting to watch and be a part of. You never really know what’s going to happen next. It is guaranteed to keep you always on the edge of your seat as you try to guess what the next scene holds. The characters in this show are all connected somehow, making it more interesting. Think about it: when you take all the actors and actresses of a show and put them in one location, interesting things are bound to happen. Since the plot continuously changes, the actors and actresses can be clueless as to what the director is planning. Only those who have a close relationship with the director get to have an insight into the overall picture and flow of the show. All episodes of this great reality show are shot in the same location—a planet called Earth, as all the characters live on this same planet. In fact, let me surprise you a little bit by saying that everyone you know is a member of this cast, even you. Yes, if you live on planet Earth, then you have already been cast and given a role in this reality show. I, the writer of this book, am also on the show, and I have been given the privilege of narrating the stories you will read in this book.
You’d think we, the cast of this show, auditioned for our roles, but no. Many of us don’t even know how we got here to planet Earth in the first place; we don’t know how we became a part of this reality show, playing a role in the season currently airing. Some of us have ideas, but that’s all they are—ideas. When we came of reasoning age, we began to notice that this world we were born into already existed before we got here, and this reality show had already begun way before we showed up on the scene. We also observed something spectacular—things work in a systematic way. For instance, spring always follows winter; the sun rises every day and goes down unfailingly, making room for the moon.

We noticed that humans aren’t the only inhabitants of Earth who are part of the show. There are also the animals—many of them and in different species too numerous to name. We may not readily know their roles, but they do have them. Yes, we may have thought of some of these creatures as just extras, but eventually we became convinced that not only do they help the entire plot come alive, they also have their purposes for being in the show.

There are trees, plants, and vegetables that we cannot help but notice each time we look around the set of the show. What a boring-looking set it would be if they weren’t here. These plants, trees, and vegetables are good, not only for the aesthetic ways they beautify the scenes, but also for the fact that they provide nutritional values to us, the cast. When we are sick, they are the source of our medicine to help us get well so that we can go on with our roles. I personally have some favorite fruits that simply amaze me each time I observe their shapes or the precision with which they were designed. When I eat them, I am always overwhelmed with amazement and wonder. Considering how numerous they are, their varying distinguishing tastes make me acknowledge how deeply creative the Designer of this show must be. Some of my favorites are bananas, oranges, apples, pineapples, papayas, and dragon fruits. I can’t name them all.

The point I want to make is that someone took the time to design the set of this reality show. He strategically beautified it with these fruits I just mentioned and the many other wonderful things I have yet to mention. He put them here for our enjoyment while we play our roles. And as you can tell when you look around, this Designer definitely knew what He was doing. Now, if He could go through all this trouble to make sure these things are here for us during our time here as actors and actresses, then He must really care about us, and He must really want the best for us, right? Well, then, we can choose to keep enjoying the beautiful things we see on the set all around us while pretending not to want to know more about the source of these things; we can choose to disregard and deny the fact that we are playing a role in this reality show. We can try to forget that when we showed up on the scene, everything was already here. We can simply ignore all these things and continue to live our lives nonchalantly, or we can acknowledge that there has to be One who sits as the provider of all these good things. He has to be the One who gives each of us the strength and ideas to play our different roles, and He has to be the One who provides everything we need while on planet Earth. Yes, though invisible, He has to be the One in charge. If we recognize this higher power, then we must also acknowledge everything else about Him.

But some of us are still not convinced about Him, especially since He is not visibly part of the show. Though we may not want to think about Him, we certainly witness new characters being added to the show each day in the form of babies being born. We also witness people dying—their roles suddenly cut short. Births and deaths are facts we cannot deny; they are things that everyone acknowledges as every one of us hears of new births and deaths, and we, at some stage, must face death. If we think deeply about these profound phenomena, we can then ask the all-important questions: Are these newborn babies and those dying possibly coming from and going back to the same source, who happens to be the invisible Producer of the Greatest Reality Show that we all are a part of? And if they are, did the people who died play their roles well? Did they fulfill the purpose for which they came to Earth? What about the babies? What roles will they play? What about us? Is the silent Producer happy with the way we are currently playing our roles?

Now let’s face some facts. Many people don’t even know or believe or care that they are a part of the Greatest Reality Show. This world—the set and the beautiful things it provides—has blinded them. They look at our costumes and the props on the set and fall in love with them, loving the created things more than the Creator and His plans for them. They can easily kill another actor or actress for a piece of property on the show. They commit all kinds of evil against each other, fighting over material things. However, throughout the history of this reality show, our silent Producer has found ways to introduce various scenes and stories that ought to reveal many things to us to counter this mind-set. Each day when we hear about the death of a close friend or relative, it is supposed to remind us that our time and role on Earth are not permanent. Their death is meant to help us believe and start caring about the role we are playing in the Greatest Reality Show.

And just in case we need directions on how to play our role, the Director featured His Son in some of the episodes. Those episodes focused more on the life we’ll live after the show, bringing new hope and encouragement to us as we play our parts. Still, for many of us actors and actresses, these stories and scenes from the Producer and His Son inspire us only for a moment, and then we are back to our normal ways of thinking that maximizing our pleasures in this world is the only thing that matters.
At one point, if I, just like some other people, wasn’t busy doubting the existence of the Creator, I was busy with other mundane things, fully convinced that the Producer, if He exists, wasn’t actively involved in my role. I thought we were all freestyling in a world where the strongest wins—survival of the fittest. This was before our Creator and Producer took me on a wild journey. This journey opened my eyes, strengthened me, and reduced my dependency on the things I see on the show, especially the costume I use—my flesh. Now, not only do I know I am an actor playing a role in His show, I have allowed myself to see the clues He has given to all of us. I now fully believe and know that one day my role will end, and because I am also convinced of His promises to those who play their roles well, I know I must make good use of the precious time I have left.

The Producer wants the same for you. He wants you to see that there is a bigger picture to life on Earth than meets the naked eye. He has inspired me to write this book to help you play your role well. Through the different stories you will read in this book, you will be able to know the real plans He has for you. I believe this book and others like it will help you appreciate your role much more as it will awaken you to certain realities. You will truly see this world differently—as the set of the Greatest Reality Show. You will tap into the revelations that have been so graciously given to me over the years on how to play our roles well in order to get the reward planned for us. You can then add this knowledge to the revelations you already have.
This book is the first of a trilogy. Each of the three books is divided into two main sections. In an unconventional way, the first section of each book, narrated from the viewpoint of either God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit, brings to life some of the stories you may have already heard, helping you see them in a new and enlightening way. The second part, narrated by me, the author, features various short stories from the viewpoint of those of us who are actors and actresses in the Greatest Reality Show.

Although some of the stories in this book are fictional, they are based on Christian principles, scriptural verses, and revelations that God, our Creator, gave to me. I want you to think of these stories as an author’s artistic way of shedding new light and bringing life to some of the teachings you may already have been exposed to. As an example, when the director of the movie Jesus Christ of Nazareth was making the movie, he added fictional scenes and dialogue that didn’t exist in the Bible; he used them to augment real scriptural dialogue in order to tell the biblical story of Jesus from his point of view. It is the same with this book. Although it is not a book on theology, it is filled with inspirational short stories that may seem random and incomplete at first but, in the end, will come together to convey biblical truths to you and cause you to think and reevaluate your life on Earth and the part you have been playing. Its purpose is not only to uncover God’s ultimate gift, prearranged and set aside for those who play their parts faithfully till the end, but also to offer encouragement and illuminate ways we can achieve this goal.

I therefore invite you to read with an open mind and to test the spirit and purpose of this book. I am confident you will be led into further truths than this book reveals. I also ask that you read through each Scripture passage that you encounter in the book as they are part of the story line. I know many of us have the tendency to skip them because we feel we already know them. Please don’t. There are hidden codes in them that are required to get the full benefit and effects of this book. So whenever you come across a Scripture passage, I ask that you read it in its entirety. For those who are already advanced in the things of God—those who understand their role and are faithfully living it—it is often important to humbly revisit your foundation to ensure it is still standing, not only strong but firm. I respectfully remind you of the Scripture that says, “Let he who thinks he stands, take heed, lest he falls.” I am sure we can all learn something from each other and can encourage one another. I know that, at the very least, you will enjoy the stories found in this book because they are quite captivating.

At this point, before we begin, I want to take the time to invite someone special to be with you and to open your mind as you journey through the pages of this book. As a great man who played his role satisfactorily once prayed, I will also pray that God who is our Father, the Director and Producer of the Greatest Reality Show, will give you great spiritual wisdom and insight so you might grow in your knowledge of Him through this book and others like it. May He help you understand, as all His people should, how great His love is and how what He has prepared for you is possible to attain. May He help you know that He is able to accomplish, according to His great power working in you, all that you can ever ask or even think of asking. I pray that He will take away every obstacle that is preventing you or that has the potential to prevent you from being who you are called to be. By the time you finish this book, may you have a burning desire to know Him more so your end will be one of glory, where you will be ushered into the eternal glory prepared for you from the beginning of time. I make these prayers according to His gracious will for you in the name of Jesus Christ, His Son. Amen.

I now ask you to open up your mind as we step into our first scene where we will see things from a higher spiritual dimension.

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