How Vanguard Reviewed Ejiogu’s Tale of ‘The Greatest Reality Show’

The Greatest Reality Show

“Melvin Ikenna Ejiogu, a Technology Professional gives an enthralling account of the revelations he had about life and Christianity in his new book, The Greatest Reality Show.”

This is how Vanguard Newspapers’ Chukwuma Ajakah begins his review of the inspirational book which was published Monday, May 25, 2020.

The book features astounding tales of human existence as a spiritual-cum social being whose core essence should be ensconced in God.

The story is based on the author’s real-life experience which he admits motivated him to write: “My experience in life prompted me to write this book. I believe I have something to share that others might learn one or two things from.”

He adds that those “who yearn for more knowledge about this incredible life and the God who created it will find great satisfaction in this book.”

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The Greatest Reality Show, a 180 paged auto-fiction published by VeeMost Publishing Service, New Jersey, USA (2020) comes in 19 chapters of lucid prose subdivided into 4 parts of 19 chapters.

“In the Beginning”, “The Creation of Earth”, “The Creation of Man”, “The Temptation of Man”, “Satan Rules Man”, “The Law Era”, “The Father Explains the Son”, “Should You Worship Jesus?,” “The Testimony of the Apostles”, “Mysteries of the Old Testament”, “Tearing Down Obstacles”, “My Best Employee”, “The Story of Charles”, The Story of Tina”, “My Faith Journey”, “A Heavenly Dream”, “The Legal System in Heaven” and “The Acquittal.”

The book portrays an omniscient Producer as to the major character, who doubles as Director and assigns roles to the dramatis personae.

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