How Often do you see God, Jesus, Satan In Fiction?

The greatest reality show

The greatest reality showHow often do you see a work of fiction in which God Almighty, Jesus, Angel Michael and Satan are characters?

The Sun has this poser for you in its review of Melvin Ejiogu’s debut work, The Greatest Reality Show.

According to the review, “Drawing from biblical sources, the author limns unique attributes of immortal beings to create a riveting storyline of what transpired in heaven before and after the creation of the world and our roles on earth thereafter.

“The book, besides, has been designed for those who want to gain more wisdom and understanding of the world around them, irrespective of their religion or level of spirituality. Also, Ejiogu’s offering presents the idea of life as a reality show, with us men and women being the actors, the stage being the whole earth, and the director being our God.”

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Of particular interest is the childlessness the author’s family experienced for six years, which opened his eyes to the fact that a man’s sin could be a deterrence in securing important gifts in life.

We see him gradually working on himself spiritually to embrace Christ, thus, laughing last and loudest. This interesting book is recommended to all. It echoes the marvels of creation and the triumph of the spirit.

Enjoy the full review here.

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